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Qingdao Haikong Pressure Vessel Co.,LTD own three workshops with 6 fabricating lines which covers stainless steel air receiver tanks fabricating line,OEM or ODM tank producing line,Small capacity storage tanks fabricating line and large capacity fabricating lines. Approximate 200pcs air receiver tanks will be finished by these shops everyday.

This is our  physical and chemical inspection laboratory which is mainly used for testing the strengthen or yield pressure of major materials for air receiver tanks. All the new materials should pass through the streching,bending,impacting examinations before construct the tanks.

Multi-Function Test Machine for streching and Bending test

Impact Test Machine

Refrigeration Generator

ARC Auto Welding Machine is used for Circle and Vertical seam welding

Sand Blasting Machine is used for rust cleaning before painting

Most of normal use air receiver tanks are stocked for immediately ship

800T Dish Head Punch machine

Moulds of Dish Head