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What's the use of air receiver tanks in the compressor systerm?

As the essential component of a compressed air system, it is mainly used for storing the compressed air what produced by the air compressors. Beside store air, the air receiver tanks can buffer and decrease the pressure impulse to make the pressure steady,and it also can reduce the air temperature to decrease the loading of filter and dryer. So the compressed air system is widely used for all kinds of industry,tools,producing etc. The compressed air is the most efficient and economic power.

The purpose of air receiver is to store the exceeds air what is not used immediately by the end user because most of the compressed air system are designed as the maximum output of air compressor exceeds is larger than the maximum demands to keep the air is enough for the end user. Now the air receiver tanks act as a component for modulating the demand of air and reduce the air compressor starting frequency and save the energy. As the temperature changes in the air receiver tank, the moisture and oil will be store as condensation in the bottom of air receiver tanks. So the air becomes more clean.

The Receiver tanks are required by law to have a pressure relief valve and a pressure gauge. The cracking pressure of relief valve should be set to 10% higher than the max working pressure of the system but it must be less than the design pressure of the tanks.

It is also important to install either a manual or automatic drain on the receiver tank to remove water and oil from the air compressor system. A coalescing filter and air dryer are best placed downstream of the receiver tank.