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The Accurate process to install and test an air receiver tanks

The accurate process to Install and Test the air receiver tanks

1) Please confirm the install foundation to match the design requirements before install it.

2) Please confirm the equipment as draws to be ready for installing. Adjust and leg pallets and checking the horizontal and vertical levelness of connect nozzles.

3) Install the equipment on the foundation by bay bolts and check the horizontal and vertical levelness of connect nozzles again.

4) Connect the gas pipe to the tanks as pipe design draws. Keep the interior of pipe clean enough before connect it. And please keep the all the tubes to be horizontal or vertical and right direction of valve handle.(Direct Front for handle of manual valve, Direct up for pneumatic valves)

5) Confirm all the valves work well or amend it at once.

6) Make the valves group to be supported after connect the pipes.

7) Process of Installation

The Notice of Air Receiver Tank Installation

1.Ambient Temperature: Make sure that the ambient temperature match the design temperature requirements. If ambient is out of design temperature range, take steps to adjust it according to design temperature.

2.Keep the equipment far from the corrosion medium(gas or liquid)

3.Please take notice that any valves don’t allowed to be connect between relief valve and air storage tank.

4.If the max flow rate of air compressor is larger than the safety relief rate of gas tank, the user must add the pressure relief equipment in their system.

5.The minimum distance from gas to air compressor should be larger than 2m than can prevent the inlet and support to be broken down by the quake from air compressor. Flexible tube is better if the distance is less than 5m,or the user need to add buffer elbow.