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LCO₂ Cryogenic pressure Vessel vertical
Capacity: 5000L~100000L NW:
MAWP: 2.16Mpa Size: Variable
Material: Carbon and Stainless Install: vertical
Design Code: GB Lifespan: As design
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Insulation characteristics: adopting hot pearl sand as thermal insulation material and vacuated; we ensure quality by our unique technology, have reached  the best insulation effect.

Safety features: the use of "combined safety valve system" can make two sets of safety work at the same time, you can also turn off the side of the check valve, the other side continue to work to ensure safe operation of vessels.

Operating system: the pressure gauge, Mechanical type liquid-level gauge and liquid level control instrument are arranged on the upper part of vessel liquid inlet, it is Convenient to control Reservoir volume, Make filling, drainage operation and observation.

Product features: compact structure, small occupation area, long service life, low transportation cost, convenient to repair and facilitate the centralized control, management.

Application scope: widely used in machinery, chemical industry, chemical fiber, metallurgy, medicine, energy, food, mining, electronics, military and gas etc.