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The Whole Process of ASME Air Receiver Tanks by BV inspection company

Bureau Veritas as one of the famous inspection come to our company for testing the air receiver tanks which are designed in according with ASME VIII SEC I. Now we share the whole process to the customers and hope our clients can learn more to discern the real ASME Air Receiver Tanks.

There are 2pcs 500L 30Bar Air Receiver Tanks to be inspected by BV inspector who is required by our clients from Singapore yesterday.And it was the final inspection before delivery as our ITP(Insecption and Test Plan) which is divided into 4 steps as below:

1.The BV inspector check the draws and other documents.

2.Check the tanks,welding seam,test the size,NDT(X-ray film)

3.Fill the tanks with water and charge it by air compressor.

4.Hold the pressure for 30-60 minutes at the hydro test pressure.

1.BV inspector come to our factory on 8:00 10th Aug 2017 and start check all the documents concerned to these two tanks.He check and verify the draw's reationality based on ASME firstly and then he checked the mild certificates of steel plate,verified the measure report datas according to the draws,check the WPS(Welding Procedure Specification) and PQR(Product Quality Review) in accordance with ASME VIII.

They should make sure that all the documents and datas should confirm to ASME VIII SEC I and verify them. The original documents are very important for tanks that are approved by BV or other third inspection company. They will be kept in archives by ASME systerm and fabricator in laws.

The Above photoe is the documents verify process by BV inspector.

After the documents review,the BV inspector gone to check the tanks. He mainly inspect the weld seam,nozzle direction,and test size according to the measure report issued by our inspection department. Another most import process is checking the NDT(non-destructive test) report and verified the X-ray film.He must confirm that there should be no bubbles,rift,crack,non-complete penetration in the welding seam. It will be dangerous if it occur situation like what we said above.

Next we will fill the tank with clean water and must make the tank should be full.We start to charge the tanks by air compressor till to reaching the test pressure. In accordang with ASME VIII,the test pressure should be 1.2 time more than MAWP. You can find our designer choose 1.3 times MAWP as the test pressure that prove the quality is reliable. By the way,all the measure equipment should be verified by the state bureau of quality and technical supervision such as the pressure gauge and rulers etc.

Our Workers fill the tank with water and charge it.

As the pressure gauge indicate,you can find the pressure has reach to test pressure 4.1Mpa.

The BV inspector will check if there is leakage point or deformation occured. And the pressure holding time should be 30minutes of each tanks at least by the ASME VIII. The BV inspector will be witness for the process as below picture.

The final inspection drawed to close till now. If all the documents and test approved by the inspector,he will sign the hydro test report and quality certificates for these tanks and print U-stamp on the nameplate. It means the tanks have been approved by ASME systerm. We will show the hydro test report and certificates to you as below:




The coming process is sandblasting and painting for anticorrosion though we have design the corrosion allowance thickness.Our sandblasting machine can reach to Grade SA2.5 to enhance the painting adhesion and increase the lifespan.

The tanks after Sandblasting and Painting(You can require the color what you need)

It is the inner package

Pack them in the wooden case included all the accessories

All are ready for delivery to the clients