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How much do you know about Pressure Vessel? It's time to have a Training!

In order to increase the staffs' understand of Pressure Vessel, our company hold a training course about the basic knowledge. During the course, our leader imparted lots of knowledge about air receiver tank to every staff. The general content of this training are as following:

Firstly, as a manufacturer of air receiver tanks, Haikong is equiped with the qualifications of design and manufacturing of pressure vessel at the same time.
Then Haikong has acquired "A2 class Pressure Vessel manufacturing license" and "D class Pressure Vessel manufacturing license".

As for the classification of pressure vessel, according to the working pressure, the low pressure is below 16bar, the ordinary pressure is between 16bar and 100bar and the high pressure is above 100bar. According to the material, it includes metal and nonmetal pressure vessel. Based on the install way difference, it covers stationary and mobile type.
The medium of pressure vessel is different, including compressed air, vapor, liquefied gas, and some other saturation liquid. In regard to the application of pressure vessel, it is widely used in chemical, oil refining, machine, spinning, metallurgy, nuclear energy and transport. In a word, it has been a necessary equipment in industry area.

While we choosing the material of pressure vessel, we should consider the operating conditions(such as design temperature, design pressure, medium character
), the mechanical capacity and physical performance, resitance to corrosion and some other elements. At the same time, we need care for the price of material to pursue the reasonability of economic. The pressure vessel's service life is depend on its corrosion, fatige and vibration. The service life of general pressure vessel is 10-15 years, and the high pressure vessel is about 20-25 years.

Finally, accident is easy to happen in pressure vessel. Our country pays high attention to the safty and Haikong promises to only fabricate high quality pressure vessels. Buy Haikong, buy safty!