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Safety Of Medical Gas Pipeline Systems

Station location is key

"In medical gas system design, the most critical, is the station's location. "He Hana says," such as positive and negative pressure unit, liquid oxygen station location, if it is positive-pressure units, stations must be designed in wind, lower quality of Tuyere gas, if air quality does not meet standard requirements, patient inhaled the poor quality of the gas would have an impact on the lungs, and damage to the machine, and affecting the life of unit. "She saw in a hospital canteen in the machine on the wind, blowing out smoke and air to the gas station, has a great influence on the quality of the gas.

Suction stations should be designed in the next direction, "because the suction gases exhaust fumes are seriously polluted by designed the next wind direction likely to spread, but is in need of attention," He Hana stressed that "out of gas must be processed! ”