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Supply Electric Desulfurization Tank, Electric-Type Desulfurization Tank

Power supply type desulfurization tank

Supply electric type desulfurization tank, electric type desulfurization tank equipment sophisticated: China chemical equipment Corporation Sentinel suppliers production enterprise, has more Taiwan since work welding machine, and plasma cutting machine, and plasma welding machine, and gas protection welding machine, and milling side machine, and three roll four roll volume Board machine, and large lathe, and drill, and large furnace, and coal stove, and 6Om2 testing room, and advanced of physico-chemical laboratory, domestic advanced of chemical mechanical processing equipment, and advanced of detection play prepared well more than 60 more Taiwan sets.

Five series of products: one or two types of pressure vessels made of carbon steel, stainless steel stainless steel tower equipment tanks, reactors, heat exchangers and other products. Fertilizer equipment equipment nitrate ion membrane device; sulphuric; fresh ammonia plant, urea plant; tire oxygen devices; refining methanol distillation unit; paint equipment biodiesel equipment alcohol plants tire retreading curing cans; steam-cured brick building materials machinery and equipment chemical fertilizer plants, coking plant desulfurization project;

Supply electric desulfurization tank, electric-type desulfurization tank