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Application Of Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger In Production Of Fine Chemicals

The structural characteristics of spiral plate heat exchanger

Spiral plate heat exchanger is made of two separate pieces of thin metal plates welded in one piece on the bezel and rolled into a spiral of. Formed by two pieces of thin metal plates in two spiral channel, on both the top and bottom welded cover or head.

(1) heat transfer coefficient

Due to fluid in spiral channel in the for rotating movement Shi, by centrifugal force role and two Board between set from column of interference, in lower of Reynolds value (General Re=1400~1800, sometimes low to 500) Xia can reached turbulence, and can selection high of velocity (on liquid for 2m/s, gas for 20m/s), so total heat transfer coefficient larger, its heat transfer coefficient about for column tube type heat exchanger of twice times, its biography efficiency for column tube type heat exchanger of 1~3 times.

(2) recovery of low temperature heat

Heat two fluids flow through the spiral of sides, respectively, of a fluid along a spiral channel from the outside in, to the Central outlet and another fluid along the spiral channel by importing, outflow from the inside out. Two types of fluid is pure countercurrent flow, suitable for small temperature difference heat transfer, recovering low temperature heat energy and waste heat recovery.

(3) less heat loss

Appearance of small area, close to room temperature fluid flow from the edge of channel (into), without thermal insulation.