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Carbon Steel Air Holder 300L 13bar
Capacity: 300L NW: 120kg
MAWP: 13bar Size: φ500×1730mm
Material: Carbon Steel Q235-B Install: Vertical
Design Code: Chinese GB 150 Lifespan: As Design
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Air Holder (pressure vessel) is a equipment which specially used for storing gas and at the same time, it can also stabilize the pressure of the system. According to the pressure difference, it can be divided into high pressure air holder, low pressure air holder and atmospheric pressure air holder. Based on manufacturing material, it include carbon steel air holder, stainless steel air holder and low alloy steel air holder. Air holder usually consists of cylinder, head, flange, nozzles, seals and some other components. In addition, it is equipped with safety devices, gauges and internal parts for the completion of different production processes.

Air holder in compressed air systems serves the important purposes of:
• Reduce wear of compression modules, capacity control systems, and motors by reducing excessive compressor circulation.
• Elimination of pulsation of the drain line.
• Separating the moisture, oil and solid particles from the air, as if from the compressor or from the cooler.
• Helps to reduce dew point and temperature peaks associated with regeneration.
• Provides additional storage capacity to compensate for a surge in compressed air usage.
• Lower energy costs by reducing the power cost of the compressor motor over startup, which is beneficial to the increase in motor life.