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Carbon Steel Storage Tank 600L 8bar
Capacity: 600L NW: 160kg
MAWP: 8bar Size: φ700×1910mm
Material: Carbon Steel Q235-B Install: Vertical
Design Code: Chinese GB 150 Lifespan: As design
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Storage Tank is a kind of storage tank which could store gas, liquid, liquefied gas, and other forms, such as air tank, liquefied petroleum gas tank. The Storage Jug can be used to receive compressed air to assure the requirements of air peak; or play a buffer role to stabilize the air pressure. Cooling the water and dirt in the air and make it out from the system; eliminating or weaken the Periodic ripple current of the piston type air compressor exhaust, stable the pressure of pipeline, and it can make supply line complete the start-up operation procedure in a short period after machine halt.